On The Road, Jan. 2009

I’m going to be on the road quite a bit (for me) in the next few weeks for various community events. Tonight I’m headed north to the inaugural meeting of the Cedar Valley .NET User Group. I’ll be giving a PowerShell talk for them in March. From there, I’m heading to Des Moines for Todd Klindt’s talk tomorrow at IADNUG.

On Jan. 24th I’ll be speaking at the Twin Cities SharePoint Camp:

SharePoint 3.5: Leveraging .NET 3.5 Language Features in SharePoint Development

The new versions of C# and VB add several tools to a SharePoint developer’s toolkit to enable more reliable, readable and efficient Object Model code. This session will review these features and provide some specific examples of how they can help you write better SharePoint code. I will also discuss SPSite and SPWeb disposal, and one strategy to minimize the risk of memory leaks.

And finally, on Feb. 4th the Iowa SharePoint User Group will again feature Kirk Hofer Corey Erkes:

SharePoint in Action

At this event you will see SharePoint In Action. Create it, Build it, Deploy it and Debug it. We will build a master page, custom style sheet, web part, feature receiver and stapler to demonstrate the basics in development for SharePoint. After we build it, we will deploy it to SharePoint and debug the whole thing.


Again, if you have ideas or requests for future IASPUG topics, please send them to info@sharepointia.com.

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SharePoint in Iowa?

The other day Chris Sutton posted about the growing .NET community in Iowa. I was definitely impressed by the turnout at the last Iowa Code Camp, where I saw Chris’s talk on ASP.NET MVC as well as top-notch SharePoint presentations by Todds Klindt and Bleeker, and am looking forward to more at the upcoming camp on Nov. 8.

While there’s general .NET growth in the area, the Iowa SharePoint scene seems rather quiet. The Iowa SharePoint User Group has been on hiatus for a while and other than Todd Klindt, the only other Iowan I can find is Darrin Bishop, who presented at the October IADNUG meeting. The SharePoint sessions at the last code camp were full and there are several scheduled for this next one, so I know we’re not alone…

I guess I have two questions:

  1. Is there anybody out there?
  2. Is there any interest in getting the user group up an running again?