STSDev Theme Solution Generator Update

It took a bit longer than expected, but I have finally revisited my STSDEV Theme Solution Generator. I just posted a new release on CodePlex—STSDEV 1.3b with Theme Generator—and the full source is now available in my CodePlex repository. The big theme-related addition in this version is an option to automatically apply Heather Solomon’s @import technique, as a simple checkbox for now. There’s a lot more it could do for us (move other theme assets into LAYOUTS, fix image references in the CSS, etc), but it’s a start. I also fixed a TemplateFiles bug in STSDEV that has annoyed me for a while.

I’m curious what the community thinks I should do with the Generator. If STSDev were more mature, I would just release a Generator DLL for a specific release, but for now it’s still relatively volatile and the APIs I’m using will probably (hopefully, in some cases) change. There’s also the issue of STSDev vs. STSDev 2008. And maybe more importantly, is this even a tool worth maintaining as more than a proof-of-concept? I’m open to your thoughts/suggestions.

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