Resistance is Futile

So I just got back from the Twin Cities SharePoint Camp where I had several interesting conversations that ended with more questions than answers, as I’ve found is often the case as a SharePoint developer. As much fun as it is pseudo-anonymously commenting on various blog posts, I’ve been frustrated for a while leaving URL blank. So at the urging of Raymond Mitchell, here I am. Blogger WordPress is probably temporary, but if I wait to put something “me” together it will probably never get off the ground. So without further ado, welcome to Solutionizing .NET!

Why Solutionizing? Well for the past several months I’ve been up to my neck in SharePoint as an application platform. And it has become increasingly clear that Solutions — limitations and MAKECAB.EXE aside — are fundamental to the process. However, a lot of questions remain as to how Solutions should be built and how their limitations can be overcome. This blog will be my humble attempt to answer some of those questions. I make no claims of expertise, just a desire to get better at what I do and contribute to the community that has been so helpful to me thus far.

Cheers ~

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